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Astrology readings, human design, and shamanic healing

Each of these powerful tools help you ascend to the next phase in your journey.

Your unique birth chart is a blueprint that guides fated opportunities and self-expressions. Human Design provides a manual for how your energy works. During a reading, I uncover your decision-making processes, provide clarity on your life’s purpose, and teach you how work with your energy to feel fulfilled and happy. 

Shamanic healing is so incredibly versatile that listing all the ways it can help is an impossible task. In a session, I work with your current and past lives to clear energetic blockages and beliefs that are holding you back. My clients also experience shifts with overwhelming emotions like anxiety, grief, and trauma.  

What does this mean for you?


My recommendations, guidance, and energy work are personalized for each session. I ask that you come with an intention (or several) of what you’d like to focus on and any goals that you have. From there we can work through releasing past experiences, track through current fears, and end the session with you feeling energetically refreshed similarly to spending a weekend at a spa. Frequently, my clients experience feeling relaxed and an energetic bliss for several days after the session. 

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Tristen, a shaman, astrologer, and human design reader. Over the past nine years I’ve dedicated my life to learning new healing tools and completing certifications to help with my spiritual path.


Whether you are new to spirituality or need a knowledgeable best friend to help with the next phase of your journey, I'm here to help uncover your blind spots in your life that you want to change and grow.

More about me

Musings and Modalities: The Podcast launched February 2024 to a global audience in over 165 countries, across dozens of apps and radio shows. Tune in to learn more about shamanism, astrology, and other spiritual topics. 

Musings and Modalities: The Podcast

Unraveling spiritual ideas to help create change and growth in your life

Human Design Reading

Unlock and discover how your Human Design shapes and influences you. 
Using your birth time, day, and place, Human Design provides a manual for how your energy works. This includes your decision-making processes, gaining clarity on your life’s purpose, and learning how to work with your energy to feel fulfilled and happy.
$150.00 USD

Shamanic Healing

Energy healing and shamanic tools have profoundly changed my life.
Reiki, shamanic tools, and other energy modalities are incredibly helpful in overcoming challenges and blocks that exist in people. Cut cords with experiences, people, and emotions that are not serving the highest version of yourself. Entity removal, soul retrieval and past life clearing may also be used. 
Each session is tailored to you and the goals you have.
$99.00 USD

Birth Chart Reading

Your birth chart is your unique, special blueprint into your past and future.
Deep dive into your big three (sun, moon, and rising signs), and review your planet placements and how they work within your chart and life. Uncover your special gifts and talents, review your north and south nodes and how to work with them.
$125.00 USD
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See all offerings

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